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Lea Fakava & Alo Ativalu

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  1. mataele finau says:

    Malo && fakafetai tele lava for sharing and empowering us all !!!! God bless you both! !

  2. Nani Wilson says:

    Thank you so much Lea & Alo for sharing your honest and powerful stories about your experiences of being who you are. Your journey as individuals and then being able to find support with each other is a wonderful example of being able to overcome any and all obstacles, no matter how challenging they may be. I know your stories will help empower others who are currently going through the same or similar experiences and I believe that by sharing this, other families will see that true unconditional love is supporting a family member for who they are. Thank you again for sharing your voices to bring awareness to our community! Blessings always-Nani

  3. Lingi says:

    Lea and Alo what a touching story it brought tears to my eyes. My children are Samoan tokelauan and Hawaiian and the culture is also so deep. I can understand very much where you are coming from I promised my self along time ago I would accept my children how ever they turn out to be. I would never want them to feel alone. May god bless and be with you both and bring many many more years of joy and peace and love .remember only one person can judge you and that’s the man above!

  4. Nani Mativa-Tulikihihifo says:

    Awesome video bro. Thanks for sharing your story with the world. It helps alot of people in many ways. Gods blessings always. Much Alofa and Ofa.

  5. Chris B says:

    This is very beautiful. Thank you both for sharing your stories. It means a lot to people like me. Best wishes to you both! <3

  6. Jim Allio says:

    beautiful and super moving – thanks for sharing your journey

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