Diane Kim

This is about love
but not just any type of love
this is my love
a white wall
tainted by words
tainted by religion
tainted by media
tainted by me


You will burn in the pits of hell
this love is a sin
You are disgusting

my own mother

These keep replaying
like a broken record that won’t stop
But when it does stop,

our lips meet
sweet music plays
and nothing but us
everything around me just pauses

the glares,
the whispers,
the surprised looks
and most of all
that broken record on repeat


It’s just us,
in the middle of a crowd
on those steps
Kissing in the rain
Celebrating America’s independence
celebrating us

When five thousand miles away
from west coast to east
I close my eyes,

I can feel
her soft touch against my skin
her hard bites on my neck
her seductive whispers in my ear
and her wet lips against me

she has me in a daze
and every time i look into her eyes
i see her eyes last night
how her eyes were glazed back,
off into another universe

But I stop,

I can hear that broken record on repeat
over and over
time and time again

Diane Kim is the creator of The Stories of AAPI LGBTQ blog. A message from Diane: As AAPI LGBTQ communities have one of the highest rates of mental illnesses, my goal in creating this blog was to create a safe space for people who identify as AAPI and LGBTQ. My blog brings light to many relatable AAPI LGBTQ issues such as cultural clashes, media representation, resources etc. Please follow, share, and comment on my blog!

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